Travels 2009-2012

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September 1st 2009 through March 19th 2012
2 years, 6 months, and 18 days.
101, 526 miles.
46 States and 4 Canadian Provinces.
23 National Parks/Monuments/Seashores.
A Fantastic Journey!

In June 2009 I took the first step towards my lifelong dream of traveling around the United States - the purchase of a minivan, which was soon to become my home on wheels. Three months later, I was on my way. The Journey has now come to an end...

The links below will take you to posts about my visit(s) to that state. The italicized states I've just driven through on my way to somewhere else and didn't write about them. Maybe someday I'll make it back to those states and spend some "quality time" there! I didn't make it to Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island, or West Virginia on this journey though I have now been to every state except Hawaii. (I don't count the few hours there in the airport on the way to Japan!)

The United States

Alabama   Alaska   Arizona   Arkansas   California   Colorado

Connecticut    Delaware   Florida   Georgia   Hawaii

Idaho   Illinois   Indiana    Iowa   Kansas   Kentucky    Louisiana

Maine    Maryland   Massachusetts    Michigan   Minnesota     Mississippi   

Missouri    Montana   Nebraska    Nevada    New Hampshire    New Jersey

New Mexico    New York    North Carolina     North Dakota   Ohio   

Oklahoma    Oregon    Pennsylvania   Rhode Island     South Carolina   

South Dakota   Tennessee    Texas    Utah    Vermont    Virginia

Washington    West Virginia    Wisconsin     Wyoming

National Parks

National Monuments, Seashores, Etc.

In March 2011, I created a pdf file which lists where I went in 2009 and 2010 in chronological sequence. It includes click-able links to the specific posts. At some point I may create a second file that covers 2011-2012...

This is definitely not a comprehensive list, but these are some of my "favorite places" visited during that first year.

And this is a summary of events and places visited in 2011...


Debra Newton-Carter said...

Truly fantastic! I have to congratulate you...not many people get to fulfill such an amazing dream in their lifetime! While my travel dreams are not that extensive, I do hope that one day my husband & I will be able to travel to all our families' places of origin.

Now that this dream is completed, what's up for 2013?

Unknown said...

I think this is a wonderful way to see things. I have always wanted to spend time just traveling. We have done a lot of small trips to historical sites, but I would like to spend enough time to get the feel for things. We have tried to teach my son history by visiting a lot of the actual places instead of just by reading a history book.