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"When you die, you are not forgotten, so long as someone remembers your name." I can't take credit for that thought, but I also can't tell you where it came from ;-)

Remembering the ancestors, those who came before us, is one of the underlying reasons why I "do" family history and genealogy. My research goals are twofold:
  1. find out as much as possible about each ancestor
  2. determine from whence they came (where from and when)
As sacrilegious as it may sound, I'm not really all that concerned with or even interested in finding the ancestors in the "old country" for the simple reason that many of my ancestors came here in the 1700s and early 1800s and I don't really feel any "ties" to their place of nativity. The exceptions to that are the Phend, Fisher, and Wiseman families who were the late comers, arriving in 1832 and 1833. I know that the Phend and Wiseman ancestors lived in Canton Berne, Switzerland and it is on my list of places to visit before I die! The Fishers came from "somewhere" in Germany.

In the listing below, the Immigrant Ancestors are denoted with an asterisk (*) after their name. The surnames that I've written posts about are hyperlinked. There are quite a few "dead ends" with the female ancestral lines, as might be expected. In some cases the maiden name is known but the parents have not yet been found. This could partially be due to the fact that I haven't taken the time to research them! Yet. After all, there are only so many hours in a day.


PHEND ~ Switzerland, Ohio, Indiana
Rolland Victor Phend (1893-1991) and Hazlette Aileen BRUBAKER (1902-1984)
Henry A. Phend (1865-1958) and Susie Lula YARIAN (1872-1956)
Jacob Phend * (1829-1917) and Louisa FISHER * (1829-1898)
Johannes B'hend, aka John Phend * (1782-1859), and Susanna Kübli * (1785-1856)
Catharina Phend (1757-1797)  (The father of her son, Johannes, is not known.)

Research done by Sonja Balmer Reid, a distant cousin, extends the Phend line back three more generations. The Swiss lines that connect to the Phend family in Canton Berne include Tschiemer, Zwahlen, Egger, Glaus, and Rohr. Those that connect to the Kϋbli family are Laederich and Frutiger. Sonja's father was born in Interlaken, Canton Berne and they are connected to me through the Phend, Kϋbli, and Zwahlen lines so we are cousins multiple times!
YARIAN ~ Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Eli Yarian (1839-1895) and Lovina Viola BERLIN (1845-1932)
Jacob Yarian (1812-1895) and Elizabeth SWITZER (1815-1894)
Conrad Yarian (1780-1860) and Eva RUPERT (1786-1866)
John George Yerion (1733-abt 1803) and Margaretha WILLIAMS (1745-1833)
Mathias Jurion * (abt 1702-before 1763) and Maria Magdalena Unknown * (abt 1705-after 1763)

Mathias, a Palatine, arrived in Philadelphia onboard the ship "Pleasant" in October 1732. It is not known when Maria arrived in this country but their first child, John George, was born on October 18, 1733. It's possible they were married prior to leaving the Palatine. On November 1, 1732 Mathias was indentured to David Kaufman of Oley, province of Pennsylvania, for three years and nine months in payment of his passage to Philadelphia, which amounted to sixteen pounds and nineteen shillings.
FISHER ~ Germany, Ohio, Indiana

Louisa Fisher * (1829-1898) and Jacob PHEND * (1829-1917)
Michael Fisher * (est 1800-1845) and Christenia HOUCK * (est 1805-aft 1850)

Date of arrival for Michael and Christenia is not known for certain but their 3rd child was born in "Germany" in June 1833 and their 4th in June 1836 in Ohio.
BERLIN ~ Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Lovina Viola Berlin (1845-1932) and Eli YARIAN (1839-1895)
John D. Berlin (1792-1879) and Susannah HOFFMAN (1804-1880)
John Frederick Berlin (1771-1843) and Juliana DIETZLER (abt 1772-between 1830/1840)
John Frederick Berlin (1742-1836) and Susan WAGNER (abt 1744-unknown)
Johann Jacob Berlin * (1716-1790) and Anna Margarita EULER * (1720-1807)

Johann Jacob was born in Niederbronn, France. He arrived here onboard the "Charming Nancy" in November 1738. It is not known when Anna Margarita arrived but they were presumably married prior to the birth of their first son in November 1740.
HOFFMAN ~ Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana
Susannah Hoffman (1804-1880) and John D. BERLIN (1792-1879)
John Hoffman (1779-1860) and Catherine COY (1779-1852)
Johann Dietrich Hoffman * (1751-1826) and Susanna Alder * (est 1760-unknown)

Dietrich was reportedly brought to Pennsylvania as a young child by his parents Michael Hoffman and Maria Engel, date not yet known. Dietrich is a Revolutionary Patriot and is buried in Washingtonville Cemetery, Mahoning County, Ohio.
COY/KAU ~ Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio
Catherine Coy (1779-1852) and John HOFFMAN (1779-1860)
Johann Henrich "Henry" Coy * (1747-after 1804) and Mary Unknown * (abt 1755-before 1785)

Johann was born in the Pfalz, Bayern, which is now part of Germany. He was the son of Johann Henrich Kau/Coy and Anna Elisabetha Andriges.

BRUBAKER ~ Germany, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Hazlette Aileen Brubaker (1902-1984) and Rolland Victor PHEND (1893-1991)
Charles Romain Brubaker (1871-1945) and Maude Catherine WISE (1877-1953)
William Brubaker (1843-1912) and Malissa Mariah JOSLIN (1849-1937)
John Brubaker (1819-1879) and Sarah FOSTER (1818-1904)  (John and Sarah were not married to each other, William was born out of wedlock)
Martin Brubaker (1799-1862) and Nancy NEEL (1797-1851)
Hans Jacob Brubaker III (before 1759-about 1824) and Elizabeth Steinweg/Stoneroad (about 1765-about 1821)
Hans Jacob Brubaker II * (about 1725-about 1802) and Anna Maria Schimpft (est 1735 - unknown) ~
Hans Jacob Brubaker * (about 1700-about 1755) and Wife Unknown 
WISE ~ Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Maude Catherine Wise (1877-1953) and Charles Romain BRUBAKER (1871-1945)
William Pythagrus Wise (1852-1935) and Sophia Elizabeth DUNFEE (1850-1916)
Jacob Wise (1827-1865) and Malissa Ann STEM (1833-1901)
Peter Wise (about 1797-1875) and Christina Unknown (1801-1884)  (Not proven that Peter and Christina are the parents of Jacob.)
DUNFEE ~ Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Sophia Elizabeth Dunfee (1850-1916) and William Pythagrus WISE (1852-1935)
William Hamilton Dunfee (1822-1888) and Catherine B. JONES (1829-1903)
James Dunfee (1788-1861) and Sophia Elizabeth HAZLETT (1794-1864) 
STEM ~ Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Malissa Ann Stem (1833-1901) and Jacob WISE (1827-1865)
Conrad Stem (1804-1882) and Indiana SISLEY (1809-1888) 
JONES ~ Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Catherine B. JONES (1829-1903) and William Hamilton DUNFEE (1822-1888)
William B. Jones (about 1800-1843) and Elizabeth HELMS (1804-1883) 
HELMS ~ Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Elizabeth Helms (1804-1883) and William B. JONES (about 1800-1843)
Conrad Helms (about 1775 - unknown) and Mary SWIGART (1777- unknown) 
SISLEY ~ Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Indiana Sisley (1809-1888) and Conrad STEM (1804-1882)
Lewis Sisley (1765-1826) and Margaret ELLIS (1773-1870)
Jacob Sisley (about 1740-unknown) and Jane Unknown (about 1740-unknown) 
ELLIS ~ Maryland, Pennsylvania
Margaret Ellis (1773-1870) and Lewis SISLEY (1765-1826)
Nathan Ellis (about 1750-unknown) and Mary Unknown (about 1750-unknown)
FOSTER ~ Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio
Benjamin Foster (1791-1879) and Margaret "Peggy" MYERS (about 1797-about 1820)
Willhelm George Forster, aka William Foster * (1749-1815) and Magdalena DANIEL (1755-1823) 
NEEL/NEAL/NEIL ~ Pennsylvania, Ohio
Nancy Neel (1797-1851) and Martin BRUBAKER (1799-1862)
James Neel (1770-1855) and Rebecca FRANKS (1768-1797/1800) 
MYERS ~ Virginia, Ohio
Margaret "Peggy" Myers (about 1797-about 1820) and Benjamin FOSTER (1791-1879)
John Myers (about 1765-about 1820) and Margaret Unknown (about 1770-1850/1860) 
DANIEL ~ Germany, Pennsylvania
Magdalena DANIEL (1755-1823) and Willhelm George Forster, aka William Foster * (1749-1815)
Adam Daniel * (1716-1777) and Christina Barbara Kleist * (about 1734-1770) 

A few years ago I spent a couple of months delving into my New England ancestors, the Joslin and Goodrich lines. Quite frankly, the amount of information available through the various publications and the connections to so many surnames was overwhelming. I put them aside and continued work on the lines listed above.

The research done on the Joslin lines (beyond Joseph 1742-1829) and the Goodrich lines (beyond John 1754-1834) has been through the use of publications (family history books, the NEHGR, online databases). In other words, I don't have any documentation to substantiate these lineages, yet.

JOSLIN ~ England, Massachusetts, Vermont, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas
Malissa Mariah Joslin (1849-1937) and William BRUBAKER (1843-1912)
Lysander Price Joslin (1825-1899) and Lydia ROBISON (1825-1899)
James Joslin (about 1796-after 1850) and Abigail GOODRICH (about 1805-after 1882)
Jonas Joslin (1769-after 1850) and Ruth Dyer (1771-1830)
Joseph Joslin (1742-1829) and Sarah Tarbell (1741-1810)
John Joslin (1710-1789) and Lucy Wilder (1715- unknown)
Peter Joslin (1665-1759) and Johanna Whitcomb (1673-1717)
Nathaniel Joslin * (1627-1694) and Sarah King * (1632-1706)
Thomas Joslin * (1592-1661) and Rebecca Jude * (1592-after 1664)

According to published records, the Tarbell line connects to the BOWERS, WOODS, RUSHTON, LONGLEY, and GOFFE families. The Wilder line connects to GARDNER, MASON, WELLS, SMITH, and WHEELER while the Whitcomb line joins up with WATERS, COGGAN, and LINTON.
GOODRICH ~ England, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana
Abigail Goodrich (about 1805-after 1882) and James JOSLIN (about 1796-after 1850)
Bela Goodrich (1777-about 1864) and Sally Church (about 1780-about 1831)
John Goodrich (1754-1834) and Abigail Price (1754-1827)
Benjamin Goodrich (1717-1787) and Sarah Dewey (1712-1782)
Benjamin Goodrich (1688-1742) and Grace Kilbourn (1693-1764)
William Goodrich (1661-1737) and Grace Riley (1661-1712)
William Goodrich * (about 1625-1676) and Sarah Marvin * (1631-1702)

According to various publications, the Kilbourn line goes back another three generations and connects to BULKELEY, BROWNSON, CHETWOOD, HILLS, and MOODY. The Dewey line connects to BECKLEY, DEMING, TREAT, and ORTON.
ROBISON ~ Ohio, Indiana
Lydia Robison (1825-1899) and Lysander Price JOSLIN (1825-1899)
Henry Robison (about 1794-1852) and Anna McMorron [?] (about 1794-after 1855) 

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