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In honor of Women’s History Month…some links

It's a bit of an understatement, but there are a lot of excellent websites 'out there' that celebrate women, whether famous or not. These are just a few of the sites I've bookmarked over the years, all of them are very good. Enjoy!

History’s Women
Highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history and recognizing the obstacles they have had to overcome in order to reach their goals.

Notable Women
The lives of ALL women are "notable" - at least in the eyes of the genealogists who research them, and that is the ONLY criteria necessary for a woman to be included at this web site. Some are famous, others are not. Those who are famous have, until recently, often been overlooked by mainstream historians. The extent to which our schoolbooks and popular folk collections have largely ignored the most vivid, powerful women is simply astounding.

They Gave Their Lives
Honors the American women who gave their lives in service to their country. Whether from illness, injury, disease, enemy fire, plane crashes, or the unknown, they deserve to be remembered as having made the ultimate sacrifice. Let us all remember that women have served proudly since our nation began.

Women's History at
As Women's History Month in the US opens on March 1, you may be wondering why this event is celebrated in March (it's in October in Canada). This article explains the history of Women's History Month. And you'll find more resources on Women's History Month here on this site -- including a wealth of women's history articles and information, from ancient times to the dawn of the 21st century, from the US and around the world.

Women in History

300 Women who Changed the World
For millennia women have left their mark on the world, at times changing the course of history and at other times influencing small but significant spheres of life. Only in the past century, however, have concerted efforts been made to mention women's contributions in history books. Moreover, changes in status for many women in modern times - the right to own property, to vote, and to choose their own careers may obscure the accomplishments made by women of earlier eras. In profiling 300 women who changed the world, Encyclopædia Britannica has chosen those whose contributions have endured through the ages.

Women’s History Month at
The History of Women's Suffrage, a Hall of Fame, Firsts in Women's Achievements and more.
In the early nineteenth century, women were considered second-class citizens whose existence was limited to the interior life of the home and care of the children. Women were considered sub-sets of their husbands, and after marriage they did not have the right to own property, maintain their wages, or sign a contract, much less vote. It was expected that women be obedient wives, never to hold a thought or opinion independent of their husbands. It was considered improper for women to travel alone or to speak in public....

Women’s International Center
The mission of WIC is to Acknowledge, Honor and Encourage Women. To celebrate women and their positive, enduring contributions to humanity through the Living Legacy Awards. Includes biographies, Words of Wisdom, and an interesting feature where you can find out which famous women were born on your birthdate.

One of my interests is Women of the Civil War era. . .

Civil War Women
An excellent blog by "MaggieMac" that celebrates the lives of women of the Civil War era. Her sidebar includes links to blogs covering various aspects of the civil war as well as links to general Civil War websites.

Civil War Women: Primary Sources on the Internet

Civil War Women – Duke University Online Archive

eThemes Civil War Women

Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture

Women in the Civil War

Women in the Civil War at

Women were There
The War Between the States was also a war between brothers, cousins, friends and neighbors - and some of them were women.

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