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Mildred Jones Married Illinois Man - 1918

Columbia City Post, Whitley County, Indiana ~ Wednesday, August 28, 1918
Mildred Jones Married Illinois Man.

Daughter of Vice-President of First National Bank Wedded to R. D. Robertson, of Albion, Ill. Chautauqua Manager, but will enter Army.

The C. I. Jones family on Spencer street received a telegram from their daughter, Mildred, Friday, announcing her marriage. The new member of the family is Mr. Robert Dale Robertson, of Albion, Ill., and the marriage occurred at Peoria, Thursday afternoon at three o'clock. Mr. Robertson is manager of the Mutual Chautauqua, with headquarters at Chicago, and met Miss Jones while acting as supervisor of the children's playground for the same company, last summer. Miss Jones was especially qualified for this position as she graduated from Mrs. Parson's Physical Training School, in 1917, and acted as supervisor of this department in the schools at Oskaloosa, Iowa, for several years. She also is a graduate of Columbia City high school and Earlham college.

It was necessary for Miss Jones to resign a very fine position at Detroit, Mich., in the Y. M. C. A., as physical director, in order to be with Mr. Robertson when he enters an army training camp the first of September. Mr. Robertson attended school at the Illinois State University during the time Rev. Lloyd Douglas, formerly of this city, served as secretary of the Y. M. C. A., and they became the very best of friends as well as fraternity brothers. During Miss Jones' Easter vacation Mr. Robertson spent a few days here as the guest of the C. I. Jones family, but few had the pleasure of making his acquaintance, so are looking forward to the arrival of the bride and groom following the close of the Chautauqua season, and in the meantime we extend our congratulations and very best wishes.

[Note: Mildred Jones was my 2nd Cousin 3 times removed. Her parents were Charles Isaac Jones 1859-1940 and Emma Liggett 1861-1949. According to their obituaries, Mildred Roberson/Robertson was living in Washington, D.C. at the time of their deaths.]

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