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Sunday December 14, 1969 ~ Letter from Boot Camp

This is the 10th in a series of letters written home while I was in Basic Training. Click on the "Boot Camp" label at the bottom of the post to see all of the letters.

Recruit Training Command (Women)
U. S. Naval Training Center
Bainbridge, Maryland ~ 14 Dec 1969

Hi Mom,

I woke up this morning to the sound of shoveling snow. There is about 3 inches on the ground right now and it's still snowing. It's the first real snow fall we've had here.

Guess what! We had Christmas carolers here Friday night - Men! Of course they were outside the barracks while we were inside, but we could see and hear them.

We just received word that no one is to leave the barracks without boots until further word. We haven't been issued boots yet - they just want to keep us cooped up inside all day. Oh well, I have studying to do anyway - you know, tests are tomorrow.

Our company has been put on report twice in one week. 1 - Everything was not secured when we left the barracks one day so we have to have two extra field nights, of course they are Saturday and Sunday. 2 - We were about a minute late for inspections Wednesday and it wasn't our fault but we have to stand an hour's stationary drill - at parade rest - next Wednesday evening. That should really be loads of fun. If anyone moves at all we have to stand longer than that. Fun, huh!

I think I told you before that I volunteered for the Children's Christmas party. Anyway it was yesterday and about fifteen girls from Co. 14 helped out. Some stood by at the refreshment table and others gave out toys at the booths. There were some cute kids there. It was good just to get out of the barracks and to be able to talk to regular people again. I mean you get awful tired of being with the same people day after day.

Believe it or not we were actually allowed to talk to the trees. And we did too! Even me! This weekend is visitors weekend and some of the girls relatives are coming - actually only about twelve girls are having visitors but they are all bringing cookies, candy, and other food. If they don't issue us boots before mess no one can go to the gedunk. I don't know about the visitors - tough luck, I guess.

Well, I guess I'll close for now. I'm just rambling on and not saying much. Besides I have studying to do. Did you get my clothes? Heard any more about the house?

See ya in January, Love, Becky

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