Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dougie

For 3 weeks every year my older brother, Doug, and I are the "same" age, he being born 11 months and 8 days before I was. Growing up we always had a bit of fun with that, sometimes confusing our classmates and friends. Today (March 9th) is the day he "officially" becomes one year older than me. Happy birthday, brother.

Summer of 1951. Doug and me in front of the weeping willow tree.


  1. What an adorable picture!

    It's fun to remember back to the old days isn't it? How cool to have your birthdays so close together. My brothers are 13 months apart and the younger of the two is 10.5 years older than me. I think I was an ooops ;-)

  2. My brother and I are in the same situation--he's 11 months and one day younger. We had the same sort of fun with other folks each September when we were the "same" age! Because our birthdays were so close, we often had joint birthday parties when we were kids. Great pic!

  3. Jasia - my younger brother came along 17 months after me and it was another 6 years before my sister was born. Having three children that close together couldn't have been easy so I don't know if Mom and Dad chose to wait or if it just happened that way. LOL.

    Craig - We didn't celebrate our birthday's together. But it was fun to say we were the same age for those few weeks.

  4. It's funny how common this situation is...

    My older sister is a year and nine months older than I am, but for many years she would call on my birthday to announce that she was only a year old than I!

  5. In my family, if you were a year or less apart from another sibling both of you were called "Irish Twins." This is what my only brother and I are.

    Some people only use the term Irish Twin if you both were born in the same calendar year.


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