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Mary, Elcy, Esther, Lillian, and Elmer

Of the fifteen children of Lysander and Lydia Robison Joslin, five of them died at a young age, only one of whom reached the age of three. The four girls are buried next to their great-grandfather, Bela Goodrich, and other kinfolk, in Adams Cemetery in Etna-Troy Township, Whitley County, Indiana just a few miles from where the family lived at the time. The fifth child to die young was their son Elmer, twin to Elmus, born June 4, 1868. Elmer died on June 30th, 1868. The family was living in Jefferson County, Iowa at the time. It is not known where Elmer was buried.

MARY J. / Dau. of / L. P. & L. JOSLINE / Died / Mar. 12, 1850 / AE. 3 Y's. 8 M / 1 D.

According to the Bible records, Mary Jane was born July 20, 1846. One transcription had her date of death as March 21, 1850 and the other as March 20th. Did it get written wrong in the Bible or inscribed wrong on the marker? Either way, she died a few days after her sister Elcy.

The 1850 Mortality Schedule for Whitley County, Indiana (page 347) includes Elcy E. Joslin and Mary J. Joslin. Elcy was two years old. Mary's age could be interpreted as a two or three. The record shows that they both died from Scarlet Fever and that they were ill for 17 days. It is a wonder that the other two children living at the time survived. Anna Eliza would have been 5 ½ years old and my 2nd great grandmother, Malissa, was not yet 9 months old.

ELCY E. / Dau. of / L.P. & L. JOSLINE / died / Mar. 9, 1850 / AE 2 Y's, 7 M / 4 D.
The Bible records show that Elsy Ellen was born August 5, 1847 and died March 9, 1850. As stated above, she died of Scarlet Fever a few days before her sister Mary.

ESTHER / Dau. of / L. P. & L. / JOSLIN / DIED / Nov. 5, 1858 / AGED / 1 Y. 2 M. 2 D.
The Bible records show that Esther/Ester was born September 3, 1857 and died November 5, 1858.

LILLIA A. / Dau. of / L. P. & L. / JOSLIN / DIED / Sept. 20, 1863 / AGED 1 Y. 5 M.
The Bible records show that Lillian A. was born April 20, 1862 and died September 20, 1863.

The cause of death is not known for Esther, Lillian, or Elmer.

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