Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday :: Hazlette & Ray Ferguson

HAZLETTE A. / 1902 - 1984
RAYMOND A. / 1890 - 1967

Hazlette Aileen Brubaker Phend Phend Dunn Ferguson, whom I and my siblings and cousins called Grandma Dunn and later Grandma Fergie, is buried in the Scott-Keister Cemetery in Etna Troy Township, Whitley County, Indiana near other family members. Grandma was married four times but only had three husbands! She was married to my grandfather, Vic Phend, twice.

The record of her marriage to Harold Dunn has eluded me but I found their divorce record in Dekalb County, Indiana which stated that they were married on September 8th 1945. That marriage lasted less than two years. In 1964, grandma married Ray "Fergie" Ferguson. It wasn't until a few years ago when I obtained their marriage record that I found out that they were married on my birthday! I suppose he must have been a decent fellow but I didn't much care for him. He passed away in April 1967.

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