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Joslin Family :: 1850 Whitley County Federal Census

As shown previously, the household of Jonas Joslin was the only 'Joslin' family in the 1840 Federal Census in Whitley County, Indiana. In 1850, 'Joslin' families can be found in the ancestry online index in seven counties in Indiana including Carroll and White in the west-central part of the state; Brown, Owen, and Vigo in the southwest; and Starke and Whitley in the northern portion. There are two 'Joslin' households in Whitley County: James and Lysander. The entire census for Whitley County has been viewed on microfilm and there are no other Joslin households in the county.

1850 Census, Whitley County, Indiana, dwelling 270, family 278, page 472a
James Joslin, 54, farmer, born L. C. [probably Lower Canada although it has been interpreted as South Carolina by some researchers]
Abigail, 46, born Ct [Connecticut]
Edwin, 20, farmer, Real Estate valued at $200, born O [Ohio]
Joseph, 17, farmer, Real Estate valued at $160, born O [Ohio]
Emily E., 12, born O [Ohio]
Mary L., 6, born Ia [Indiana]
Bela Goodrich, 74, born Ct [Connecticut]

Lysander Price Joslin was married on August 23, 1843 to Lydia Robinson. Their family is listed in the 1850 census on the page preceding that of James and Abigail.

1850 Census, Whitley County, Indiana, dwelling 262, family 270, page 471b
Lysander P. Joslin, 25, farmer, Real Estate valued at $350, born O [Ohio]
Lydia, 24, born O [Ohio]
Ann E., 5, born Ia [Indiana]
Melissa M., 11/12, born Ia [Indiana]

Fanny Joslin, the sixth 'child' of James and Abigail, was married to Joseph Shoemaker on February 5, 1843 and they were also living in Whitley County in 1850 (page 460).

While the 1850 census does not provide relationships to the head of household, the fact that James Joslin was the only 'Joslin' found in Whitley County in 1840 carries a certain amount of 'weight' indicating that he is the father of the children listed in his household in 1850 and he is really the only candidate to be the father of Lysander and Fanny as well.

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