Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coastal Maine :: Part Three

Again, reluctantly, I left. But I didn't get far. Just 'round the curve was a road with public access to a private beach. Parsons Beach provided yet another view of the homes on the southern part of Kennebunk Beach.

Looking north near Parsons Beach.
The homes on the southern side of Kennebunk Beach.

Looking south on Parsons Beach.

It was a little after 3 o'clock. And this time I really did leave the beach, and Maine. Following Route 9, which headed west, I arrived in Somersworth, New Hampshire – just across the Piscataque River from Maine - about 4 pm on Wednesday, October 8th.

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Harriet said...

Wow looks like you are having a great trip and great weather. We drove through Kennebunkport,Maine and took several pictures of a beautiful house on the beach. It was several years later when George Bush l was President we knew who's house it was that we got the picture of.