Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Moro Rock Trail

One of the shortest trails in Sequoia National Park, at only one-quarter of a mile in length, the Moro Rock Trail is also one of the steepest, climbing 300 feet in elevation. The path twists and turns around, over, and through the rock as it rises to the top. The views are stupendous!

A sign at the bottom of the trail warns that even though it is short, the trail is strenuous. Some of the steps have been, quite literally, carved from the rock.

Approaching the top of Moro Rock. It is a pretty safe trail with railings in place, where needed, for safety's sake. It's not scary, unless you decide to look over the edge!

Plants seemed to be growing in nearly every crevice.

It really wasn't dangerous, but glancing over the side and straight down did cause a bit of dizziness.

Looking south, toward the entrance to Sequoia National Park.

At the top of Moro Rock.

Spectacular views in every direction.

Just a few of the steps that have been carved from the rock.

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