Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Greetings from... California - Again!

Well, I thought I'd better get something posted since Barbara has asked if everything is okay. It is and I am. Thanks for asking Barbara, but I didn't mean to worry anyone. The thing is, I just haven't been doing anything “exciting” and, if you can believe it, I haven't taken any pictures at all for the last week! So, we have a post with no pictures!!

You can blame a very nice campground in Southern Oregon, within a relatively short drive into town, where there was a very nice library and all of the other amenities of normal life. And very pleasant weather! I know I had a short break from the road just two weeks ago, but, well, let's just say it was time for another break... I have made it into Northern California and have stopped at another very nice campground for a couple of days before heading a little further south.

I've been in a kind of “holding pattern” for a while, not wanting to get too far away from California. Attending the Family History Expo had been in the back of my mind and, prompted by a comment from Sheri, I finally got around to registering. So, I'll be in Pleasanton October 7th through the 9th and am looking forward to seeing some of my fellow geneabloggers again as well as attending some of the sessions being offered. Sort of another little break from the road...

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Michelle Goodrum said...

Good to hear from you and glad you are enjoying Southern Oregon!