Friday, April 01, 2011

Greetings from Texas :: Caddo Lake State Park

First off, I hope that my friend Ruth will forgive me (and understand, as we saw each other last week) for not stopping to see her, but I did think of her and "wave" as I drove through Monroe!

Thursday, March 31st - - I got off of the Natchez Trace Parkway a little north of Jackson, Mississippi and spent last night at a State Park (whose name I don't recall). This morning I hopped onto I-20 and zipped through Louisiana (again, my apologies to Ruth and her family).

Caddo Lake State Park is on the eastern edge of northern Texas just a few miles north of I-20 and northeast of the town of Marshall. The park's website states “This lake was the only natural lake in Texas until it was artificially dammed in the early 1900's when oil was found and for flood control in 1914. A new dam replaced the old one in 1971. Caddo Indian legend attributes the formation of the lake to a giant flood. Scientists believe the lake formed when floodwaters, blocked by massive log jams on the Red River, backed up into the Cypress Bayou watershed, forming the lake.”

Regardless of how it was formed it was quite interesting... and pretty.

Later in the evening, as the sun was setting, I noticed the trees along the eastern shore were aglow with this amazing yellow light. It was almost surreal, but quite beautiful.


Barbara Poole said...

You constantly surprise us, never know where you might turn up. Enjoy Texas.

Brett Payne said...

Thanks for the magnificant photos, as always, Becky.