Saturday, January 21, 2012

Up and Away :: Morning Version

Friday, January 20th – The campground where I am staying is a reasonable drive from Lake Havasu City. Having seen several signs indicating that a Balloon Festival is in progress this weekend, I got up at (what is for me) an early hour and made it into town by 8:30 am.

Stopping off at the Rotary Park along the channel, across from the Festival venue, I was somewhat disappointed to see only two balloons preparing to rise into the sky. Since I hadn't yet had the opportunity to see the famous (or infamous, depending upon you point of view) London Bridge, I continued walking along the channel. As I made my way around a curve, I saw several more balloons floating in the sky. Apparently there were five or six sites that were being used this morning from which to launch the balloons.

I never did see a multitude of balloons all at one time – there were reportedly 60 some balloons participating in the festival – but it was fun to watch them as they passed overhead.

I'm not sure what the “draw” is about seeing hot air balloons in the sky, but there were a lot of people strolling along the channel and enjoying the day.

One of the “big” things for the pilots of the balloons was for them to display a bit of expertise and skill by “dipping” their basket into the water and skimming along the surface for a short distance.

Success! Touchdown and liftoff.

More coming my way!

I never realized that the pilots had so much control over their balloons. Of course, the air was still, with hardly a breeze blowing.

Some of the balloons came pretty darn close to the London Bridge!

Just as I snapped this picture, the seagull came into the frame. I think it adds something to the picture – just not sure what! LOL.

Passing directly overhead...


Jasia said...

Wow, Becky! You got some awesome pics! Those colorful balloons against that deep blue sky are striking. I've only been to one balloon launch and it was fun to see but it was on the cloudy side that day and my pics weren't nearly as nice as yours. Thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

Thanks Jasia. I got lucky with the beautiful day. Turns out it was the best of the three days! Today is very windy - the windiest it has been all week with a lot of dirt/sand filling the skies! Not much sunshine coming through the layer of gray clouds overhead! I find a lot of "getting the good pictures" is simply being in the right place at the right time...

Carol said...

Outstanding, did not know about the Balloon Festival. We hope to be out that way next year, will see if I can work this in, bucket list!