Friday, February 24, 2012

Sometimes ya just strike out!

And you have to wonder, What were “they” thinking when this was filmed? It's not the first time I've come across something like this. And I'm sure it won't be the last! [big sigh] Somewhere on this page is the guy I'm looking for...

Index to Deeds, Union County, Ohio for the “A” surname and “W” given name.
Family History Library film 571773 accessed February 24, 2012


  1. I was hoping for good news. The only think I can think of, is to print it as dark as possible. I just copied it to a jpeg and I'll enlarge it. What's the name?

  2. John would agree with you. We just paid $60.00 to the air force archives for a CD that was supposed to have all the records of his Dad's WWII unit and when we got it, most of it was like the above. Why did they even copy it anyway let alone sell it to someone!!! AARRGGHH! Babs

  3. I know it isn't convenient if you are across the country from the area, but I have had good luck contacting the county office and asking for a photographic copy of the page. Seems like often something is lost in microfilming.

  4. Our early county civil case films are getting like that, they are starting to digitize them but starting from new to old. I told then they should have started with the oldest first.

  5. Can you still save the image and do a negative using photo editing software? Or fool with the contrast etc. settings?

  6. Thanks for the suggestions everyone... actually, the image I posted is an enhanced version of the microfilm. Also played with the negative image a bit too. Did finally get enough to where I thought I saw the name I was looking for and the year 1841. So I pulled the microfilm for the deed book for that year. Searched through it and found a deed for my guy (William Alexander) after about 45 minutes.

    It's just frustrating to find a page like that. I was lucky!


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