Monday, May 28, 2012

Giving Thanks to Those Who Gave All

As the weekend winds down, it is hoped that All Americans have stopped for a brief moment to remember the reason for this holiday that we celebrate - Memorial Day. It has become a time of picnics, of sporting events, and the official start of summer but the real reason for Memorial day (which should actually be celebrated on May 30th) is to honor the Soldiers and Sailors of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard who died in battle or while in service to their country.

As I began writing this post, it was 3:00 pm. The time designated for a "Moment of Silence" to remember the fallen. Did you remember them?

Leavenworth National Cemetery. Leavenworth, Kansas. Photo taken May 6, 2011.

A little worn, but still flying proudly. Because of those who gave everything.
Thank You.

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Becky Wiseman, "Giving Thanks to Those Who Gave All," Kinexxions, posted May 28, 2012 ( : accessed [access date])

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Jana Last said...

Thanks for your service Becky, and thanks for all who have served in the military! Our American flag is flying on our house today.