Monday, June 25, 2012

One "loose end" wrapped up!

After posting Pursuing J. W. Hoffman :: Where's THE Book? yesterday, I was talking to my friend Cindy about what all had been found. She "does genealogy" too and we've had several discussions about the Hoffman research these last few days. It's quite nice to be able to "bounce things off" someone else sometimes.

Anyway, I mentioned that I was at the point where I needed to start looking for obituary notices and she says "I have a subscription to Genealogy Bank!"

In the May 5, 1931 issue of the Plain Dealer of Cleveland, Ohio we found a very brief notice of the death of John W. Hoffman. As was expected, he was the "beloved father" of Mrs. F. W. Curtis. And, as hoped, he was the brother of Mrs. Mattie Greasel and Curtis C. Hoffman! And, burial was at Washingtonville.

That means he really IS the son of John Hoffman, Jr.

Of course, this doesn't get me any closer to finding THE book or research papers of Mrs. A. J. Callahan but it is one "loose end" wrapped up. And so, the search continues.

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Becky Wiseman, "One "loose end" wrapped up!," Kinexxions, posted June 25, 2012 ( : accessed [access date])

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Caroline said...

Great work! And I love how y'all worked together. :)