Thursday, January 18, 2007

Genealogy Blog Finder

If you want to get an idea of some of the other genealogy blogs that are ‘out there’ check out the cool Genealogy Blog Finder that Chris Dunham has created. As of yesterday there were 500+ blogs listed in 23 categories. Once you click on a category, the blogs are listed in alphabetical order. A new feature he added allows you to sort the list by the date the blog was last updated. As Chris stated, "This will make it easier to figure out which bloggers are still active and which have joined that big blogroll in the sky." You can also search for specific blogs or search the posts for specific text.

Thanks to Chris for putting this list together and helping me to spend time reading blogs when I really should be doing something else a bit more productive! Really though, it’s not time wasted, as I’m getting some great ideas and it is fun seeing what others are doing with their genealogy and research logs.

Chris also has two blogs of his own: The Genealogue which I highly recommend and Genealogy Web Sites I Don’t Hate that highlights some of the web sites he has found.

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