Friday, January 12, 2007

Here I Go!

Well, here I go. Something I've thought about doing for quite some time and am finally doing it! Hopefully someone will find this interesting. My focus will be genealogy and family history since that is my primary interest. I have a special fondness for Whitley County, Indiana where many of my grandmother's ancestors settled so I'll be including information on the history of that area as well.

The pursuit of Family History and Genealogy has been my hobby off and on since the mid-1980's. With the advent of the computer and the Internet there have been many changes in "technique" though the basic methodology remains the same: diligence, hard work, patience and persistence with a bit of luck thrown in for good measure!

Personally, in my younger days, I never cared much for History. It was simply another class to get through. The teachers did not make it very interesting. But now! Now that I've been possessed by this Genealogy Bug I have come to realize that others who lived before me are a part of me, part of my history and the history of this country. They helped colonize America; they moved from the 'overly populated' east to the frontiers of Pennsylvania and Ohio and into the Indiana Territory; they fought in every American war; they helped civilize an uncivilized nation; they settled the unsettled lands and opened the way for others. They and their neighbors that came with and followed them helped make America what it is today.

There are no rich or famous people in my Ancestry. They are just common "run-of-the-mill" type folks. Some of them still elude me. Some have been found but very little is known of them. Some are just a name. It is hoped that someone else is also researching some of my Ancestors and their families. Surely there is. So, if you find a connection, please contact me. I look forward to locating new relatives - dead or alive!

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