Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Memories of Henry & Susie

from several of their grandchildren...

Patricia Phend Reiff (second child of Victor, my aunt):

Grandpa would give this advice to his grandchildren when they got married. "Never go to bed mad at each other. When you have an argument, one of you go for a walk." He attributed his good health and long life to the many walks he took of an evening. Grandpa Phend had a very dry sense of humor. Grandma Phend was always the first person in Whitley county to find and cook a mess of dandelions each spring. This major event was always reported in the local paper. She had a great sense of humor, loved a naughty story and laughed readily.

Evelyn Phend Winebrenner (youngest child of Cecil, my 1st cousin once removed):
Grandpa was such a kind and soft spoken man. I remember him sitting at his drawing table in the front room. Grandma was always so much fun for me to be around. I stayed with them a lot and she always wanted me to set her hair and comb it out. Every April Fool's Day, when I was in my teens, I would call Grandma and tell her I was the hatchery ready to deliver the 500 chicks she had ordered. She would just have a fit, as she had no place to put that many chicks. Then I'd say "April Fool" and she knew it was me and just laugh and laugh. I did this for about four years straight and she always fell for it.

Shirley Phend Webber (youngest child of Victor, my aunt):

Grandpa wore high top shoes and had a mustache. He was very quiet, but pleasant. I don't remember being afraid of him or awed by him. He was just a very solid and very old person. Grandma gave me my round body and long arms and legs. I can remember her long, thin, rather elegant Sunday shoes. Grandma was a kind lady, though she was not a hugger. And I think she liked me, but never seemed to know what to say to me. I remember thinking she always seemed rather sad, but I don't know about what. We didn't go to see them on a regular basis, though Dad may have spent more time than I knew with them.

Virginia Phend Wiseman (middle child of Victor, my mother):
I don't remember Grandpa hugging and kissing very much, until she got sick and lived in a nursing home. Then she wanted to be hugged and kissed all the time. But there was one time I do remember. At the family reunion in 1949 I had three children all under the age of three! Jack Lynn had just been born in July, Becky was about a year-and-a-half old, and Doug was two-and-a-half. So there I was with one child in my arms and two hanging onto either side of my dress. Grandma just looked at me, started laughing and saying I reminded her of the way she had been in younger days, and wrapped me in her arms and hugged me and kissed me. It was the only time I felt really close to her.

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