Monday, February 19, 2007

New England Ancestors but no known Presidents

In honor of Presidents Day, Randy Seaver has posted quite an impressive list of his Presidential ancestors.

I've got 'a few' New England ancestors too, mostly in Massachusetts and Connecticut but don't know if there are any Presidential connections. In the Goodrich line are Price, Dewey, Beckley, Deming, Orton, Treat, Kilbourn, Bulkeley, and Brownson. Through the Joslin line there is Whitcomb, Gardner, Tarbell, Bowers, Waters, Linton, King, Wilder, Gardner, and Mason.

To be honest, I have not done very much research in original records on these folks. Much of my information on them comes from books that have been compiled by other researchers, some well documented, some not. I did spend quite a bit of my spare time for about 3 months early last year trying to find the parents of Abigail Price who married John Goodrich in 1776 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. That led me down a path to some fascinating people but it was the wrong tree. So, I've been concentrating on my Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland ancestors while saving my New England ancestors until I retire and (hopefully) have more time to devote to them. I'm looking forward to the quest!

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