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Letter from Boot Camp November 30, 1969

This is the 6th in a series of letters written home while I was in Basic Training. Click on the "Boot Camp" label at the bottom of the post to see all of the letters.

Recruit Training Command (Women)
U. S. Naval Training Center

Bainbridge, Maryland ~ 30 Nov 1969

Hi Mom, and Terry, and anyone else,

Today is Sunday, no classes, all of my work is done, and we have area liberty. I'm going to go to the gedunk for a while this afternoon and then I think I'm going to get some sleep.

Yesterday I had my first watch. It was really easy. A lot of the girls were scared because they were thinking about what would happen if they did something wrong. I haven't been afraid of anything since I've been here. The girl I stood watch with was from around Indianapolis and she knew Chief Waugh - the Wave recruiter in Indianapolis. There were four other girls that enlisted at the same time as her all from around Indianapolis. It was good to talk to someone from Indiana - at least there are some other Hoosiers here.

Our company seems to be working together better now since the baby boots have arrived and we are freshmen. In two weeks we'll be sophomores, another two weeks juniors, another two weeks seniors, and another two weeks Seaman Apprentice. When you look at it that way it's really not very long.

Our schedule for next week is really busy. Tuesday morning will be spent taking our battery tests - I think I already told you about them. We have classes all day Monday - three in first aid alone. We start Navy history some time next week. We also have to go back to uniforming for one afternoon. We start wearing our dress blues next graduation - that will really be great.

The baby boots started coming in last Wednesday. They really look dumb. After wearing a uniform for a week - even the recruit uniform - people in civilian clothes look kinda funny. It feels strange to have civies on even for church - where I have to go now. So I'll see ya later.

Love, Becky

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