Friday, August 03, 2007

Renee's Sneak Peek of Legacy 7 - Part Two

Renee Zamora has posted Sneak Peek of Legacy 7 - Part Two. Be sure to read her post for the full details but here is a summary of the new and or enhanced features she discusses:
  • The 'Home' button takes you to the home person not the Legacy home tab.
  • If you are starting a new database, a start up wizard walks you through importing data or entering data from scratch.
  • Search for women by their married name, even if you didn't enter the married name as an AKA.
  • Access or edit individuals directly from search lists. Something everyone has been asking for!
  • Additional options added when you right click on the background, such as toggling between 4 or 5 generations and toggling the spouse and children view off and on.
  • Ability to create your own source templates.
  • Apparently, the new Charts feature "is to die for".
  • Will interface with New Family Search when NFS is fully released.
A couple features that won't be included in Legacy 7(perhaps in a future release?):
  • No hyperlinks or table creation ability in notes.
  • Will not support UTF-8.
See Renee's Sneak Peek of Legacy 7 or my previous post for information on other Legacy Version 7 enhancements.

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