Thursday, October 25, 2007

Roundup of the News - Recommended Reading

It's been a bit mind-boggling trying to keep up with all of the announcements of new databases, new partnerships, and new collaborations that have been released this month.

At the
Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe Randy Seaver posted a very good roundup of the announcements in Research News for October 2007 so I'm not going to waste my time in trying to duplicate it here.

Kimberly Powell has the latest on
What's Next for with some interesting information on their acquisition by Spectrum, future investments, the Internet Biographical Collection, Family Tree Maker 2008, and, plans for Ancestry Member Trees and other Family Trees, and plans for the future.

You might also want to go on over to Creative Gene, Year Two to see what Jasia has to say about blogging for two years! Congratulations, Jasia!

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Thank you, Becky!