Friday, November 30, 2007

Past its Prime

Saw this Old School at the intersection of U.S. 160 and 1300 Road, in western Montgomery County, Kansas as I was zipping by at 70 mph. Just had to turn around and go back to take some pictures. There were large rolled "bales" of straw along the fenceline near the road, fencing all around, and a locked gate so I couldn't get too close. Love that 15x zoom on the new camera for "close up" shots! © 2007 Rebeckah R. Wiseman. Photos taken November 26th.


Moultrie Creek said...

I'm so glad you got those photos.

My junior high school burned down while I was in the service - no photos from my years there. I've started taking pictures of places as well as people just so I can remember them when they're gone.

I've also got eBay searches running daily to let me know when there are vintage postcards of local places that no longer exist - the restaurants, motels and businesses of my childhood that have been destroyed for "progress".

Becky said...

Thank you Denise. When I saw it as I drove by, I knew I couldn't go any further before going back to get some pictures. It was a neat place. I only wish I could have gotten closer to perhaps explore the inside a bit. If I hadn't been by myself I might have taken the chance and climbed over the gate!