Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An Exciting Day

The UPS man delivered my new camera this afternoon. He also brought the Civil War Pension file of my 2nd great grandfather, Eli Yarian, that I ordered about six weeks ago. The camera won out over the pension file as the first to be opened. Nice, lots to learn though. Eli's pension file is "only" 147 pages. So that will take some time to go through.

Oh, and my passport came via snail mail too! It only took about three weeks. Now I'm set to go traipsing around the world when the mood strikes. ;-)

A bit overwhelming, and I now have blurry vision and a headache from reading so much, but I could take a few more days like today!


Miriam said...

Fun, fun, fun, Becky! A red-letter day for you!

Moultrie Creek said...

Expecting a camera review soon. . . ;)

Apple said...

Good things come in 3's!

Jasia said...

Well? So where's the pictures? I expect to see a whole gallery uploaded to Flikr by next week! LOL!

Good for you, Becky. Enjoy! (and share)

Lee said...

Yeah, where's the photos? I was expecting to see at least one. ;-)

Becky said...

Thank y'all. It's been so much fun playing with the camera. I really don't think anyone would want to see any of the pictures I've taken with it so far, just playing, besides I deleted them all ;-)

I'm not the type of person who can just pick up one of these new-fangled cameras and start working with it. I need to know, at the least, what some of the buttons do and what those weird sounds mean. I was hoping to get outside this afternoon when the sun came out for a bit but didn't. So you'll have to wait another day!