Tuesday, April 01, 2008

History Carnival includes Genea-Bloggers (No Joke!)

The History Carnival #63 has been posted. This edition focuses on Women's History. Posts by two "genea-bloggers" were included:
"On Transylvania Dutch, John Newmark has a nifty post on the unreliable details his ‘Irish’ great-grandfather gave about his life. His great-granda hailed initially from Warsaw, not Ireland, and changed a few more less-than-trifling ’facts’ about his life along the way - a cunning jester, if there ever was one. Then on The Virtual Dime Museum, L H Crawley has a post about an 1860s’ air-gun murder in Gold St, Brooklyn, with complicated connections to her own family. Trying to piece together information both about the murderer and her ancestors is a difficult business, she notes, particularly given omissions of errant wives and the like by past family historians keen on preserving their clan’s good name. Both these post read as if written if to illustrate Burke’s point about the tricksiness of historical self-presentation."
And, the Carnival of Genealogy also gets a mention:
"A couple of other Carnivals in honour of Women’s History Month or International Women’s Day are currently online. At Penny Red, you can catch The Carnival of Feminists. And for those of you who liked L H Crawley and John Newmark’s post about their forebears, there are a whole series of reminiscences about female relatives and ancestors discussed in the Genealogy Blog Carnival at Creative Gene."

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  1. Glad you found the History Carnival # 63. I only came across the world of genea-blogging while preparing it, and am very glad that I did. Will definitely be reading Genea-carnivals in future...


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