Friday, April 18, 2008

Little Billy

My grandmother's brother, William Hale Brubaker, 2 years old, February 1907.


Thomas MacEntee said...

This is a great picture and very refreshing - most of the children's portraits from that time show them in formal dress or outfit and very stiff looking.

Miriam Robbins said...

How precious! I see so many photos of little girls from this era, but not little boys.

footnoteMaven said...


A very interesting studio portrait, do you happen to know who the photographer was?

I'd like to go look him/her up. Very interested in their creativity.


Lidian said...

What a treasure! Just a beautiful photo.

Becky Wiseman said...

Thanks y'all, it's one of my favorites.

fM - I wish I knew who the photographer was but my grandmother glued the photo into her genealogy book so I can't get to the back and there is no studio identification on the front of the picture. The family was still in Whitley County in 1907 so it is possible it was taken in Columbia City but it could also have been taken at a studio in Fort Wayne.

footnoteMaven said...

Thanks Becky.

It will forever be one of those family mysteries.