Sunday, August 10, 2008

Genea-Blogger Games - First Day of Competition

The first day of "competition" for The Genea-Blogger Games has come and gone. So, what did I accomplish on that first day?

In the Write, Write, Write! category of The Games, the first challenge "Write a summary of what your blog is about and post it on your blog" has been completed! See What's it all about?

In the Organize Your Research! category, I've completed the third challenge "Organize at least 20 photos into photo albums, scrapbooks, collages, protective holders, boxes, etc." A marathon session was held yesterday on the photos of my older brother and his family. The pictures were removed from the "magnetic" album pages, sorted into chronological order, attached to acid-free paper, and labeled with identifying information. They will go into the protective pages after they are scanned within the next few days. I haven't counted how many pictures there were but it was way more than twenty.

Some of the pictures after they were removed from the old albums. Additional sorting was done on each stack of pictures to put them in chronological sequence.

The finished stack of 70+ pages is nearly an inch and a half high. Want to take a guess as to how long it will take to scan them all? By the way, I am beginning to see a little Light at the end of the tunnel.

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