Friday, August 29, 2008

This one's for footnoteMaven...

The footnoteMaven has posted a very special edition of Friday From the Collectors. If you read closely, a heretofore well guarded secret is revealed. . .

In honor of her post I did a quick look through my scanned photos and found these "candid" pictures of several women in my family who wear glasses and who had their picture taken with them on.

My great-grandmother, Susie Yarian Phend, holding two of her grandchildren, Phyllis Phend and Josephine Phend (they are first cousins).

My grandfather (Rolland Victor Phend), his grandmother (Lovina Berlin Yarian) holding his daughter (Phyllis), and his mother (Susie Lula Yarian Phend). About 1923. Grandpa had glasses too but they were not always worn by him, as evidenced in the picture below.

Phyllis Phend, about 1924. Handwritten below the picture was "Dady's Specks"


footnoteMaven said...


Thank you! I love them.

Particularly the little lovely.


Chery Kinnick said...


The last photo of the little girl in her daddy's glasses is such a treasure... thanks for sharing.