Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not exactly of the "Ride 'em Cowboy" genre..

There were no "pony" pictures taken of us kids while growing up. We lived in the country so the fellows that went around to the "big city" with their ponies, didn't come our way. Although, there is one of my Uncle Bill taken about 1940 (give or take a couple of years), and I found one of two of my cousins taken about 15 years later that looked like it was the same horse! But then, last week I was scanning the last box of my Dad's pictures and discovered this…

I absolutely fell in love with this picture - it is a photo postcard and because it only filled up 2/3 of the front of the card I've cropped out the borders and enlarged it a bit to show the details. There is so much going on - the colt in front, the chickens scurrying around the horses hoofs, the barefoot girl atop the horse, and the man holding the reins. It's static, yet dynamic, at the same time!

The postcard was sent to Amanda Wiseman, Warsaw Ind RR#1 and postmarked at 6 PM on Jul 23. The city is not legible and the year is missing. The one-cent stamp has "909" stamped in ink, perhaps it is the year 1909? Eileen Hover, the little girl on the horse, was born April 21, 1904.

My Dad wrote at the top of the postcard "Uncle Hank Hover & Allein" and on the next line "Bessie, Edie, & Charlie Hovers father"

The message, written by Lue Hover, says "Dear Sister will Write a few lines to let you know we are all well it is raining to day Smith is up stairs a sleep Will write more soon if you answer the letter I did write"

Hank Hover's full name was William Henry Hover. He was the fifth of six children born to George and Rachel (Van Curen) Hover. George passed away in 1855, just three years after Hank was born. In 1859, Rachel married William Alexander. Their first child was Amanda Alexander who married Samuel Wiseman - they are my great grandparents.

I'm not sure exactly where Hank Hover and his family lived but it couldn't have been too far from the farm of Amanda and Sam Wiseman, perhaps a few miles - they both lived in Tippecanoe Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana. [Update 31 May 2014: William H. Hover (Henry) was found in the 1910 census in Pleasant Valley, Cowley County, Kansas with his wife Frances L. and five-year-old daughter Allien (should be Aileen). From a review of the back of the postcard, I am pretty sure the postmark is Winfield, Kansas. Winfield is the county seat of Cowley County. Henry had a sister, Sarah Hover Summerville who lived in Sumner County, which borders Cowley County on the East. About 1919 or a little earlier, Henry and family returned to Indiana, settling in Milford, where he died on 22 February 1920. ]

Last year I posted a photo of the Hover children, Bessie, Edith and Charlie. They were Hank's children from his first marriage with Elizabeth Biltz. Eileen Hover was Hank's daughter from his second marriage to Lula Crawford, the writer of the postcard.
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Jasia said...

Great photo! It does have a lot going on in it. Wouldn't you just love to know the story behind it?

Caroline said...

I absolutely love the photo postcards! You're right about this photo ~ there's a lot going on. Thanks for sharing!

Sheila said...

It's wonderful for you to have such a record of your family. Very little remains of our family's things apart from my father's postcard collection.