Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What Are They Looking For?

Over at What’s Past is Prologue, Donna Pointkouski has shared some really strange, weird, puzzling and funny search terms that bring people to her blog, along with some commentary. It had me smiling with an outright laugh or two even. Thanks, Donna, for the laugh, and the prompt!

Though the items on my list are not nearly as informative, inventive, or esoteric as hers they still sometimes leave me scratching my head. These are a few the latest things people were looking for when they landed on my blog via a search engine. . .
  • "charles wise" balloon
  • does the joslins have ansters in englad
  • dresslers chocolate cake
  • general macarthur's cousin in ww2
  • michigan dnr plot map levering
  • missing people alert in elkhart county
  • ms backy ard 69
  • parrot inherits estate dayton ohio
  • personality
  • please acknowledge myself as author of the conference slides
  • robbins family strict and particular Baptists
  • sheet protectors
  • voting turn out for noble county Indiana
  • who is the fav wise man in mexico in children

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