Monday, September 28, 2009

Greetings from... Vermont!

Just a quick note to let my family and friends know that I am okay. It's been five days since my last post and I know I said I'd start posting more frequently, however, I've been off the grid since the morning of the 24th. No cell phone signal and no internet access! I've spent the past three hours or so at a public library in southern Vermont and will be leaving in a few minutes.

After departing Apple's place in Snowville and after looking at the map, I headed north through Adirondack state park. Yes, Apple, I know I said I was going to New Paltz, and I will, just not when I said I was...

I traveled all the way through the park, stopping frequently, taking my time. A very nice drive, which I highly recommend if you are ever in the area. At Malone, New York and just a few miles from Canada, it was east to Vermont. A quick stop at a Welcome Center for a map and I was on my way to the very small town of Franklin, a few miles east and just a mile south of the Canadian border. Franklin, Vermont is where my 5th great grandparents, Jonas Joslin and Ruth Dyer, were married in February 1794. After getting a copy of the record and looking through the journal for the time period, I headed south. Have stayed in several of Vermont's lovely state parks and am on my way to another. Going north again. Vermont is beautiful. Photographs don't do it justice.

Till later...


  1. I hope you can stop at the Ben & Jerry's factory and sample the ice cream!

  2. Wow, you got a copy of the marriage certificate!! That's cool. Does it have any info on it we didn't know already? I'm enjoying hearing about your trip - wish I were with you. We'll have to get together when you get back!! Babs

  3. Photographs don't do it justice? What does that mean??? You did take photos, didn't you? You are going to post them to a photo-sharing site for the rest of us to enjoy, aren't you?! Don't let us down, Becky. I'm counting on you for beautiful photos Vermont-in-Autumn pictures!!! LOL!

  4. I bet the Adirondacks were beautiful. It's fantastic that you can just change your plans on a whim and enjoy the journey! The mountains of VT and NH should be near peak colors now. I'm with Jasia, I'd love to see your pictures.

  5. Becky,

    I've been eagerly following every post about your travels...what an exciting adventure!


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