Saturday, October 31, 2009

Assateague Island :: Sunrise

One of the things I had promised myself that I would do while at Assateague was to get up early enough to watch the sunrise over the marsh. The first three mornings had already gone by and I hadn't gotten up in time but when Friday morning (October 23rd) rolled around, I awoke before the sun was over the horizon. The clouds in the sky were bathed in streaks of orange and pink. It turned out to be a spectacular sunrise. One of the best. Ever. Mother Nature outdid herself that morning.

7:00 a. m. Walking over to the marsh boardwalk.
It was cold. And Dark.
But I just knew it would be worth the effort.
That was an understatement.

7:07 a. m. From the middle of the boardwalk.

7:13 a. m. From the far side of the boardwalk.
Looking just a little to the south of the sun.
The sky and marsh were completely bathed in wonderful light.

7:18 a. m. From a distance, using the telephoto feature.
Looking directly into the rising sun. Magnificent.

7:22 a. m. From the same spot as the previous photo.
Longer telephoto setting.
The sun rising over the horizon.

7:24 a. m. The morning has risen.
Breathtakingly beautiful. Quiet. Tranquil.
All mine, and mine alone. Until now, when I share it with you.

7:32 a. m. My only companions were the birds.
A small flock of Snowy Egrets.


  1. Wow! Spectacular! It was worthwhile getting up early. Thanks for sharing so that we could also enjoy Mother Nature's handiwork.

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm enjoying each of your articles. Nature, History and Genealogy, what can be better?

  3. Well worth rising early. The pictures are beautiful!

  4. Thank you, Becky, for sharing that beautiful morning with us. Regards, Brett

  5. Wow! Amazing photos. You really captured the beauty of the area. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.

  6. Gorgeous pics Becky! Thanks for sharing your lovely morning with us.:-)


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