Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Monster at Sunset...

One evening I drove up to Massai Point (6,883 feet above sea level and one of the highest points in Chiricahua National Monument) for the sunset and played with some shots of one of the stone formations...

The glowing “eye” sure made it look creepy.

But the glowing mouth was really weird.

Walking off into the sunset...

Sure doesn't look the same in the light of day!

'Twas another glorious sunset!


  1. Oh Becky, I love it! So cool! You could probably make some people believe it really was a monster. :)

  2. Stunning photos! The eye is incredible. Did you have to wait long to capture it?

  3. Thanks Lori. I had fun shooting these photos!

    Amy - It was a matter of a few minutes and moving into just the "right" spot. A little luck was also involved!


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