Saturday, July 03, 2010

Kings Canyon :: Zumwalt Meadow Trail

On the morning of June 21st I moved from Azalea Campground in Kings Canyon (west) to the Sentinel Campground in the eastern side of the park, down on the canyon floor.

The scenic drive of 30 miles from the west to east side of Kings Canyon National Park takes over an hour. The views along the way are breath-taking.

After getting settled in at the new camp site, I drove the 10 miles to Roads End. Along the way I stopped at Zumwalt Meadow and walked the trail. It was a nice, leisurely walk with the river flowing on one side and meadows and mountains surrounding you on the other side.

The river alternates between swift flowing “calm” areas as shown above and even faster flowing sections of ripples and rapids.

Looking east across Zumwalt Meadow.


Carol said...

Trip envy, AGAIN and AGAIN! Fabulous photos, beautiful country. Photo # 2 on this post is worthy of a post card or framed art!

Anonymous said...

John grew up in Fresno so we've been to King's Canyon and Yosemite several times. Your pictures are just beautiful! Babs