Friday, July 23, 2010

Where the Buffalo Roam...

Sure, they are “domesticated” Buffalo, being raised on a ranch, but they still roam...

Their manners and actions reminded me of once, a long time ago, when I stopped to photograph some cows back in Indiana. Apparently cows and buffalo are both curious creatures; they kept coming closer and closer.

So close that I could have reached out and touched them...

Momma was very protective of her calf.

Photos taken in south-central Montana on July 22, 2010


  1. Very nice pictures and it looks like a perfect day for you and the buffalo to eat that green grass.

  2. Amazing photo and animals. WOW!

  3. Great pictures! They remind me of the highland cattle in Scotland - whenever we would stop and get out of the car to take pictures, as soon as they heard my voice they would trot over to me - expecting food, I think.

  4. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. The buffalo and the scenic background are beautiful.


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