Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crater Lake Addendum

The third day at Crater lake wasn't quite as nice as the previous two days. More clouds but there was still sunshine! And lots more wind that, in some areas, was whipping up the surface of the lake.

With the back-lighting of the sunshine and the wind blowing the water, the surface mimicked ocean waves.

While in other areas of the lake, the water was calm and smooth.

A rock formation called “The Phantom Ship” which it resembles under certain lighting conditions.

One of the many little critters that roamed the overlook areas on the rim road.

The first three photos were taken on Sunday September 26, 2010 while the latter three were taken on Saturday September 25th.


Charles Hansen said...

Becky Did you get to take the boat ride on Crater Lake?

Becky said...


Sadly, no, I didn't. The vendor who provides the rides shuts them down in mid-September... I got there too late in the season.

Chris Staats said...

You're pretty handy with the lens, Becky! Some really nice photos here. A few years ago, I broke down and bought a DSLR with all the intentions of heavy use. While I've driven it around to lots of places, it just never gets the sort of use I thought it would.

I'm sure if I lived in the Pacific NW...nah, who am I kidding...I'd just drive it around to some different places :)

Keep up the good work!