Friday, September 03, 2010

A Most Excellent Adventure :: A Gorgeous Azure Iceberg

Friday, August 27th - - About half an hour after leaving the whales we started seeing small icebergs in the water. There was one in particular that was extremely large and Captain Steve said it was stuck on something as it had been in the same spot for several days.

It didn't look too impressive from a distance but Steve said it was worth taking a look at. He slowed the boat, went in close (very close), and cruised completely around it. The color was so intense and amazing, especially on the other side where the light was better. Incredible, actually.

And even more wondrous things were yet to be seen...


Carol said...

Color is amazing, simply amazing.

And, MORE to come?? Wahhhooo

Sheri said...

Hey Becky, send that iceberg here to Stockton! It is over 100 here again!

You are living the dream girl!