Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Greetings from KenTennMissAla

After leaving Vevay a week ago, I spent the night at Clifty Falls State Park near Madison, Indiana. The next morning I crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky and took a meandering route to Mammoth Cave National Park. I had been there before. Many, many years ago. The weather was fantastic with sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the 70s – a rather late “Indian Summer” but one I was quite happy to experience! I took one of the cave tours but mostly just spent time walking in the woods and being lazy around the campground, enjoying the gorgeous weather. After three nights there, and with the weather changing, I slowly made my way towards Shiloh National Battlefield in southern Tennessee (near the borders of Mississippi and Alabama).

It rained most of the day at Shiloh. It was the third time I had visited the Battlefield and each time it has rained... I think it adds to the ambiance. Walking along the “Sunken Road” where so many men lost their lives is rather sobering.

The drive through northeast Mississippi on the country roads was beautiful. Lots of hills and trees all the way through southern Indiana to northern Alabama. A surprisingly number of colorful leaves still on the trees. Rain off and on the past three days. But the sun has come out and has burned off the fog... it's time to move on down the road, still going south...

These photos were taken this morning at Lake Lurleen State Park, a few miles northwest of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was foggy and a brisk 36 degrees. My hands were freezing after half an hour, but I think it was worth it!


  1. Simply beautiful, among my favorites (along with the strawberries).

  2. Those pictures are amazing!
    Try to stay warm,

  3. Fantastic photos, that 3rd one is a prize winner, no doubt! Sorry for your cold fingers, but, WOWSER!! the results, should have warmed you up!

  4. These are just incredible. You always come up with photos that I think you'll never be able to top ... and then you top them. Amazing.

  5. Breathtaking photos, Becky. You are in God's Country!

  6. Thanks a bunch, everyone...

    Janice - Everywhere that I am just happens to be God's Country!!

  7. Becky, These photos are stunning! Especially the first one. I'm still trying to catch my breath.


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