Sunday, November 21, 2010

Perdido Key... Greetings from Florida!

Last Wednesday morning, I left Lake Lurleen, Alabama and drove the few hours south to Pensacola, Florida. My first night there I saw the most magnificent sunset, but got no pictures because I was still driving through Pensacola in the early evening traffic! I've spent the past four days in the area and, despite somewhat cloudy skies, have had great weather. Yesterday it got into the 80s – for me, the first time in that range since leaving California in June! I can't tell you how great that felt! So great that I spent all afternoon and early evening on the beach...

I'm heading east now, toward the Georgia coast, to spend Thanksgiving with my niece and her family.


  1. I loved sharing your warmth. The first looks like it was from a plane, and the last one was spectacular. Thanks Becky and have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the family.

    As always, great photos!

  3. Just beautiful! As a Florida resident all my life I do have to say I think we have some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, especially those on the water!

  4. Beautiful! My son and family live just 1 hour north of Pensacola and I lived there for 5 years so know how lovely it can be. Enjoy your Thanksgiving God bless you and yours!


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