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August 21st 1864 :: E A Coppes to Sam & Miles to Sandy

Two letters on same Sheet of paper
EA Coppes to Sam
Goshen Aug 21 May you the see

Sincere Brother

With much pleasure I address you A bout our well fare on the brick yard. we are well and so are all the rest of the folks but Peter and I guess all that ales him is the water melon. he ate so maney that he got sick. he says it haint that wahat ales him but I know better.

Sam I was to A sabbath school celebration yesterday over north of the Davise grove. their was quite A number of people there. good many that I knew. Jef Burns was there and good Many of the brick school schoolers ware there. we had quite a time there. well how did you and sandy make it go 2 weeks A go to day.

Sunday evening. now I will finish my leter. I was out bugey riding this after noon. I wish you had been here to go A long Sam. I guess I will be free here after the draft. Ask Mother weather I shal come hom then or not. I can get places enough to work. Mannahan wants me to work for him but if she wants me to come home I will do so. Some of the boyes are A going to leave here and I guess it is on account of the draft.

I guess I shall haf to close for this time. wright me an ancer as soon as you get this leter. tell sandy that the boyes said he should try and come over here between now an A week from next sunday if he wanted to see them for they never expected to see him Again. I want you and him and solonia to come over here next saturday. and so Good night. yours in return. E A Coppes


Miles to Sandy

Land of Brickbats Aug 21st 1864

Friend Weaver I improve the present by filling out Elija’s Sheet and Send you a fiew words of consolation. If your heart is not already Smashed in looking at that picture I Sent you. O! Sandy you dont believe what a Sweet pain runs up my jacket pocket when I see it and thinking that you would like to See the face of the great Rinasty cutetyass of Benton I at once Sent it to you. but please keep it on the move for you know it is one of the fast kind and to Stop would not do. Well Sandy we have over one hundred thousand brick up and intend to burn week after this. And if you want to see T. F. Ashleman [four words that are illegible] once perhaps myself you had better be getting over this way Soon. Come over next Saturday night.

Have you heard from old Columbia Co. lately? There people there have raised to arms well are determined to resist the draft. Last Sunday 100 Cavalry, 150 infantry with two cannon arrived at Bloomsbury and the news Spread like lightning and by 3 oclock Sunday afternoon there were several hundred men between Stillwater and Benton, armed and equiped, ready at any minutes warning to meet these soldiers who have come for the purpose of taking the men that were drafted and did not report, and no doubt by this time many of our neighbors as well as many of these Soldiers are Stretched out lifeless on the ground between Benton and Stillwater. My Space is full and must close, Come over soon, Miles.

Sam Coppes would marry Elizabeth Berlin on March 12, 1867. He had a sister named Eliza Ann who would marry Benjamin Yarian on December 25, 1866. Benjamin was the brother of Eli Yarian who would marry Lovina Berlin, Elizabeth's sister, on September 22, 1866. However, I don't know for sure if the E A Coppes who wrote the letter is Eliza Ann.

See The Berlin Family :: List of The Letters for a complete listing of all of the family letters.

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