Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bonham Lake Sunset

Friday, April 1st - - It was a short travel day today, only 160 miles, meandering westward along the Texas State Highways north of I-20 and ending up at Bonham Lake State Park. A restful afternoon was spent walking along the shores of the lake enjoying the sunshine and 85 degree temperature! Clouds moved in during the early evening hours. I thought they would block out the sun but, as often happens, the sun broke through and the clouds enhanced the beauty of the sunset.


  1. Becky - You are in the land of my Brinlee ancestors (my Dad's family)! Thank you so much for posting these pictures.

  2. Drooling . . . These are gorgeous!

  3. Love clouds at sunset time! Make for the bestest photos, these are lovely!

  4. Beautiful thing to see first thing in my day! Thanks for sharing

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