Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Travel Update...

Well, I thought I'd better "check in" so that anyone interested would know I was still alive!

Maine is now behind me; I left there last Friday (September 28th) and took my time going through New Hampshire, northwestern Massachusetts, and New York - avoiding the Interstates, so it took longer but the scenery more than made up for the length of the drive.

Yesterday (October 1st) was the first day the sun shone through the clouds in the last five days, with intermittent showers every day. Today it has rained steadily all day, rather hard at times. But I'm comfortable and dry at the library...

I am now in Pennsylvania where I'll be until the weekend when I head into Maryland on Friday for a visit with my Aunt Shirley (Mom's sister) and her daughter and family. It's been three years since I last saw my cousin Carol and her children and I'm looking forward to the visit and spending some time with them.

I'm WAY behind on blog reading, but I've finally had time to get some more blog posts scheduled - there's lots more coming from Maine! I really enjoyed being in Maine. The weather was good most of the time though some nights got a little chilly. Spending time with Joann was great as was visiting a couple of days with my cousin Anita and her husband.

Tomorrow and Thursday will be full days for researching. I'm hoping to fill in a few blanks and locate some "missing" documents (well, I don't think the documents are really missing, I just don't have copies of them - yet).

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Carol said...

Good luck with the MIA's.