Monday, February 25, 2013

Designs by Nature... Digital Souvenirs

Thursday, February 14th - - Since I have limited space available for collecting souvenirs of my travels, I prefer to think of my photographs as my souvenirs - they are much easier to keep and store and often bring back the memories better than any object could.

So, while strolling along the beach, as I find "those shiny objects" or interesting patterns, I simply take a photo...

Published under a Creative Commons License.
Becky Wiseman, "Designs by Nature... Digital Souvenirs," Kinexxions, posted February 25, 2013 ( : accessed [access date])


Carol said...

I have looked at this post any number of times, and each time I think, OHHH, wish Becky had picked up that sand dollar! It is so beautiful!

Becky Wiseman said...

Carol, I did pick it up... the other side was in perfect condition too. I put it back thinking that someone else could enjoy it. If I had kept it, it would probably have gotten broken or smashed since I have no place to keep those kinds of things.