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Foster Family :: Index to Posts

An Index Post is how I keep track of all of the blog posts that have been written on a family line. It helps keep me organized and allows visitors to easily find information on that family. This post will be updated as new blog posts are written on the family.

It is not known when William Foster (my 5th great-grandfather) who was born Wilhelm Georg Forster about 1749 somewhere in the area now called Germany, came to this country but it is presumed by some researchers to be about 1765. What is known is that he married Magdalene Daniel, daughter of Adam Daniel, on April 19, 1774 at Christ Lutheran Church, Tulpehocken Valley, Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. About 1796 he purchased 190 acres of land on the "drains of Bauman Mill Run" outside of Strasburg, Virginia.

By that time he had become a Lutheran minister and served two small congregations - one in neighboring Hampshire County (now in West Virginia) from 1797 to 1803 and the other - then known as the "Hawksbiel" church in Page County from 1798-1806.

About 1805, he began  a stint as a traveling preacher in the wilderness of what would become Perry county, Ohio. He moved his family to Ohio in 1808 and lived there until his death on July 11, 1815. During that time, he organized at least three Lutheran congregations in what is now Perry County, Ohio. In addition to being a Lutheran minister, William became a large landowner. When he died in 1815 his bequest to each of his 12 children was 160 acres.

My line of descent is through his 10th child, Benjamin Foster (1791-1879). His daughter, Sarah Foster (1818-1904) had a son, William Brubaker (1843-1912), who was born out of wedlock. William's son, Charles Romain Brubaker (1871-1945), had a daughter, Hazlette Aileen Brubaker  (1902-1984). She married Rolland Victor Phend (1893-1991) and they are my mother's parents.
  • The Search for Hawksbill Church - - November 11, 2009 - - Located in Shenandoah County, Virginia the Hawksbill Church was the pastorate for three of my ancestors - the first two pastors of the church were Johann Caspar Stoever Sr. (1733-34) and Johann Caspar Stoever Jr. (1734-42). They were my 6th and 5th great-grandfathers, respectively. The eighth pastor of the Hawksbill Church  was my 5th great-grandfather, Wilhelm Georg Forster, who served from 1798-1806. 
  • Help Wanted! A gift received from a Genea-Angel! - - December 31, 2011 - - A reader sent a "Letter of Recommendation" for Wilhelm George Forster that was signed by two of the reader's ancestors. The letter is undated but written while Forster was still pastor of the Hawksbill Church, which he left in 1806.
Benjamin Foster (1791-1879) had two children by his first wife, Margaret "Peggy" Myers (abt 1797-abt 1821): Sarah and Eli. In 1821, Benjamin married Margaret's sister Anna Maria, known as Mary Myers and had 11 children with her. Benjamin lived in Perry County, Ohio and is buried in Zion Ridge Cemetery in Thorn Township.

Sarah Foster (1818-1904), whose first child, William Brubaker was born out of wedlock in 1843 was married on March 28, 1849 to George Thomas Parkison. About 1851, they moved to Thorncreek Township, Whitley County, Indiana. Sarah's brother, Eli, as well as several of their half-siblings also moved to Whitley County at about the same time or shortly thereafter. John Brubaker, the father of William, had settled in Rock Creek Township, Huntington County, Indiana prior to 1850.

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