Thursday, January 10, 2008

Letter from Ida (December 1934)

Letter to Malissa Joslin Brubaker Bower from her sister, Ida Joslin Dressler Lewis. A copy of this letter was made by Irwin Joslin from my grandmother's files. The location of the original is not known. I received a copy in November 2007 from George and Lorene Joslin.

For more information on Ida and her family see Ida Joslin Dressler Lewis (1863-1937)

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Sam is Ida's Husband. Joe is Ida's son, Joseph Dressler, and Belva is Joe's wife. They lived in New Mexico. Lolo (actually Lola) is the daughter of Joe and Belva. Della and Roxie are Ida's sisters Della Quillen and Roxie Parkison, they lived in South Carolina and Oklahoma, respectively.

The letter is not dated but Ida makes reference to it being after Christmas. She also states that Malissa is 85 ½ years old. Malissa was born June 24, 1849 so I'm guessing that this letter was written the last week of December 1934. The first paragraph of this one might make a bit more sense if we knew what Malissa had written to Ida...


Sunday afternoon.

Dear Sister, this is an awfully cold day, snow a little this a m but has turned bitter cold. I could not venture out to church this a m but Sam went to represent the family. They are going to have a big time thare to nite. Three churches combining with a speaker from Forin misonery but I'll not go out. And you want me to die and leave my dear Sam alone now isent that funney but you were always that way so I don't mind it but its strange how some people want others to die when thay are not in any bodys way. Well I never felt that way in my life about any one when those I love and I know love me. I want them to live on to be with me to help and comfort me and maby I can help them in a way to bare thare burden. I suppose thare are some that are waiting for you to pass out but as for me I hope you may live on as long as you enjoy life and can write to me. I like to git your letters even thou you are 85 ½ years old but I know it can't be long and if I should out live you I will be very very sad. I'm ready when my dear Savior calls me so let us not worry about thoes things as that is our Lords Business and he will take us home when he is ready.

Well a letter came from Joe & Belva that made me heart sick. While Joe and son Chester (his wife stayed with Belva) was at the Hospital 160 miles from home the man (Mexican) they left in charge, he had been employed by Joe, stole all thare clothing, the beautiful cloaths I sent them and lovely keep sakes, two suits of Chesters, shoes, shirts, all of Joes cloaths, 3 new comforts, all thair meat canned, fruit, etc. Just cleaned them out. Took Joes Truckto pack them away in but brought it back. Stock tied up in Barn. He has about one hundred head cows, mules, horses etc. Joe had just written how desolate and bad off with Belva so bad off but now he surley has something to worry him. I hate to think of the thief wearing all those lovely shirts, suits, flanel pajamas etc. that I might have kept for Sam as he could have worn them all, both 6 ft weigh 200 lbs, but Belva says it might have been worse but at that it made her worse. She is quite bad off. I doubt if she recovers and I want her to live. She is young. Joe loves her and needs her. She wants to live, asks me to Pray for her. You see someone has need of me and I'll try to help in my small way.

A letter came from Lolo. She seems happy with her 2 little Boys and her husband. I'll send you thair Pictures, just snap shots, but please return when you ans [answer] me. I haven't a word from Della or the girls since before Christmas but I'm sure if she gets your letter she will ans [answer] if she is able. I'm worried about Roxie. I'm sure she is gone or something has happened as she never treated me this way before and some one gets her mail. Three letters have never came back. Well write me as soon. Sam don't feel very good this afternoon. Guess he eats to much. It's 5 pm and getting dark. I wonder if you still have that church certific of Mothers.

Lovingly from sister Ida, no I'm not mad I just think you are funny! So will I be at 85.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

This one really leaves you wondering, doesn't it? Why were Joe & Chester at the hospital? What's wrong with Belva. Is Roxie OK? And what did Malissa say in her last letter!

Terry Thornton said...

Becky, These letters are treasures! That first paragraph is perhaps sisterhood at its best. Thank you so much for taking us into your family. TERRY