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Letter from Lydia - September 15th 1894

This is the second of three letters from Lysander and Lydia Joslin that were in my grandmother's papers. I realize that I'm extremely fortunate to have these letters but I want more! I also have several letters written to Malissa from her sister Ida in the 1930s. I'm sure that the family stayed in touch through the years and there were probably many other letters written, so where are they? Probably tossed out when someone was cleaning up the clutter!

Letter to Malissa Joslin Brubaker from her mother, Lydia Robison Joslin
Spelling the same as in the original letter. Some punctuation and paragraphs added for readability.

Lysander and Lydia moved from Barton County, Kansas to Osage County in 1891. Delles is their daughter Della Quillen. Della's little girl, Lydia Elizabeth, was about 18 months old. Kattie and Freddy are the wife and son of Elmus Joslin, youngest son of Lysander and Lydia. Luther was their oldest son and Ole was Luther's oldest son. I don't know who the Seely boys were or Henry or Jake. Charly was the grandson of Lysander and Lydia. We're pretty sure he was the child of their daughter Ida, born when she was about 16 years old. Charley lived with Lysander and Lydia.


Sep 15th 1894
Lyndon osage co kansas

Dear children. it has bin so long sence we herd from you, do rite; we are as well as commen. can get a meal and do it jestes yet, we had had a dry summer the the crops is short, corn very lite, but we will have a nuf to do us. we have 24 hogs 15 to fat to sell, have 3 cows. I make quite a bit of butter to sell, it is 16 cts per pound. we had a plenty appels in the spring but the frost and hard wind shock them of [shook them off] so we have but few left. we will make a little appel butter. I made 5 gallons grapes some Jely. have a bout thirty 5 quarts charies.

Delles was all here last sunday, had a nice visit. her girl look so nice with its sandy cirley hair a most to her wast. Elmus and Katte and fredy come home and staid 3 months then went to the mines. thot he cold not start up on a farm here yet, yet he is so tired mining.

the last we herd from Luther he had not herd from ole. have you. how did you get trace of the seely Boys, I em glad to here of them, do rite and tell how henry is. can he get a bout, Jak wold not tell his folks anything a bout the folks, I think it Mean in him.

Father and charly went Lyndon this after noon to get the Mail, we got the paper you sent and letters also but no riting from you. we have plenty of rain this month.

[rest of letter written in pencil]
I will finish my letter. we made 6 gallons appel butter. it is nice. I ges I will go to Lindon this after noon. rite as soon as you get this, a long letter to make lost time.

god bless you all, Mother

to Malise and famley

[written up-side-down at the top of the 4th page]
the appels trees is done bloomim

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Anonymous said...

Becky, these are great letters and you are fortunate they survived all these years. I can understand,though why you would like more and more. They are a sure sign of the times and a great addition to your blog.