Friday, January 04, 2008

Win A FREE Genetic Genealogy Test!

To celebrate the upcoming one-year anniversary of his blog, Blaine Bettinger, is giving away a FREE Genetic Genealogy Test! The winner will have the option of selecting from three different tests.

Contest rules can be found in his post Win A FREE Genetic Genealogy Test From The Genetic Genealogist!

Blaine also provides links to sample reports as well as links to information about the tests he is offering. Thanks to Blaine, and his informative posts, I've learned a lot about genetic genealogy this past year. Of course, before reading his blog I didn't know hardly anything about it, and I definitely don't understand everything he writes, but I certainly appreciate his efforts.

Now, guess I should check out those links to help me decide which test I'd like to have, just in case I'm the winner!

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