Saturday, May 17, 2008

Desktop Genealogist has an RSS feed!

Perhaps I'm the last one to learn of this, but Terry Snyder now has an RSS feed available for her blog Desktop Genealogist. Her blog also has a new URL.

I've been checking her "old" blog "manually" and noticed the site had changed a bit but there had not been any posts for a few days, which is unusual for Terry ;-)

Anyway, I clicked on the "blogs" tab and discovered that Terry had posted something today and that she now has a "new" blog. With archives and an RSS feed, and she doesn't even have to wait on her editor to approve her posts! Congratulations, Terry. I know she's happy about the change, and so am I.

And why does this matter, you ask? Well, because I really like Terry's blog. Her wit and humor is refreshing and she writes good stuff. She puts her own unique twist on the topic of genealogy and family history research.

Terry also has another blog that I've been following: The Thacker Chronicles which went online in April. Terry calls this her "not ready for primetime (aka the local newspaper) blog" and is documenting her exploration of a branch of the family that left her "a little off balance" when she discovered something that took her by surprise. I applaud Terry for tackling this touchy subject and for airing her thoughts publicly. I'm looking forward to reading about her discoveries. Good luck in that search, Terry.


  1. Actually, I think you're one of the first to know. Terry sent me an email with this information yesterday and I told her I'd announce it in the COG coming out tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Becky for your wonderful post! RSS feed and everything - I feel like a grown up blogger!


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